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“I can not thank you enough for the rosary beads you made for me and my family. When I opened the box i was in awe. I never imagined that the rosary beads would look so beautiful. Thank you very much for your hard work in all you do.”

– Paula

“Thank you so much for the bracelets. I ordered for the daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughter after the passing of my father-in-law. I had a bracelet from when my mother-in-law passed and I ordered the pendant this time which is beautiful. Our entire family is getting together for Christmas on Dec ninth and I know all the ladies will love and cherish these. Perfect timing of their arrival.”

– Judy Meier

“Absolutely stunning! Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine something so beautiful could be created from rose petals. We lost my grandmother on Christmas Eve, and we were devastated. By the time Mother’s Day rolled around, we were dreading the occasion. Lorraine’s rosaries arrived just in time for me to present them to my family members, and I actually looked forward to the day’s celebration. What would otherwise have been a somber occasion turned into a surprisingly memorably and happy one. It was all thanks to Lorraine’s hard and meticulous work, and her beautiful, unmatched gift packaging presentation. Truly stunning … you’ve got to see and smell it to believe it. Comes complete with care instructions and optional rose oil. I am anxiously awaiting another red rosary for my mother-in-law, and I will continue to order rose creations from Lorraine in the future, without hesitation. I have also recommended her to my friends and family members and I’ll continue to do so.

Lorraine, you are truly gifted and you give folks an opportunity to own a cherished keepsake. Thank you!”

– Sandra

“Dear Lorraine, I am deeply touched by your tenderness in my time of sorrow on the loss of my husband. The rosaries, bracelets, and bookmarks are truly beautiful keepsakes. Thank you and God Bless.”

– Anne W.

“Ordered my bracelet after my memre’s funeral. They did take a while but I’m very satisfied with the results. Very beautiful. I plan on doing this again when I get married.”

– Amanda Haesaert

“I had a cousin who had bracelets and a rosary made for my family when my father died. It meant so much to us. When my friend’s Mother-in-law died, I had it done for her family. They love them, especially her daughter. Thanks so much!”

– Angela Seelig

“Lorraine made twelve bracelets from the roses from my husband’s funeral as keepsakes for myself, my daughters, and my husband’s sisters. Each one was breathtaking and hold so much sentimental value. She is so accommodating and easy to work with and helpful that the entire experience was a pleasure.”

– Mary Davis

“I ordered eleven bracelets from Lorraine and they are beautiful. I am highly recommending her to my friends and relatives. They brought tears to my eyes and my family is very pleased. Thanks to Lorraine.”

– Pattie Caisey

“I want to thank Forever Remembered Roses for doing such beautiful work on my husbands rosaries. I never expected them to be so stunning. Words could not express my gratitude. As I opened the box, tears came to my eyes. I could not believe how beautiful these rosary beads were. I will have these rosary beads to treasure for the rest of my life. I will highly recommend Forever Remembered Roses to all my family and friends.”

– Diane Smith

“This was my third order with Forever Remembered Roses. I have ordered bracelets and rosaries. I have been so very pleased with each piece. Having something to pray on or remember your loved one with is incredibly special. The owner takes such loving care with each piece she makes. My last order was four bracelets with roses from my mother-in-laws funeral (for myself, my daughter, sister-in-law, and niece). I love them and wore mine to a wedding this week. The fragrance from the roses reminded me of her all evening. Several people commented on it. The rosary I had made from roses from my mothers funeral I pray on daily and it gives me time to spend feeling close to my mom. This service and product will make you happy you invested in a treasure. I know I am so happy to have the memories with me. Thank you Forever Remembered Roses!”

– MaryCarol Regan