About Us

Forever Remember Roses, LLC is a family owned and operated business. We are dedicated to creating lasting mementos using precious flower petals that symbolize the sacred and delicate nature of your most precious memories. We have been making flower petal rosaries, chaplets, and handcrafted jewelry for many years so that people of all walks of life can have their lasting treasured keepsakes for years to come. We are passionate about each piece that we create and are honored to assist you and your family in creating a unique and lasting treasure to honor your memories and loved ones.

About the Process

When your fresh roses arrive, they are immediately sent through a special process to ensure the best results. Your rose petals are carefully mixed with other ingredients, including rose oil, and eventually hand rolled into beads. We would like to inform our clients that all flowers received are treated with the proper care and respect leading amazing jewelry.

Disclaimer and Handling Instructions

  • Enjoy the hand-crafted beauty of your rosary beads, but always remember their purpose… prayer.
  • Forever Remembered Roses, LLC will not be responsible for broken rose petal beads that have been carelessly handled or improperly played with or cared for.
  • Un-paid items are the property of Forever Remembered Roses. Once your are invoiced and/or notified, you have 5 days to pick up your merchandise, otherwise the merchandise becomes the property of Forever Remembered Roses.
  • The person placing the order is the person responsible for picking up the order.
  • Please add $35.00, not including shipping, to re-string jewelry items.
  • Color changes are natural. Some flowers dry lighter or darker during the process. There are many variables when making flower beads. Speckles are natural and vary in all flower beads.
  • All remaining flower beads, once received and processed, are the property of Forever Remembered Roses, LLC.
  • Once you have placed an order with Forever Remembered Roses, LLC, you have authorized and given your consent to allow us to preserve your flowers to start our process. You are permitting us to ensure, at our discretion and our attractive creations, the preservation of your flowers into rosaries and other jewelry per your consent through electronic signature.
  • Forever Remembered Roses, LLC Will not be responsible for cracked beads or cracked memories of frozen in time carelessly handled.
  • Forever Remembered Roses, LLC is not responsible for allergies to flower beads or jewelry or Memories frozen in time, the customer should let us know before hand it there are any concerns with allergies.
  • Forever Remembered Roses , LLC -is not responsible or liable for any allergy or chemical reaction to beads or metals/silver being used in any products.
  • Forever Remembered Roses, ,LLC – Should there be a Balance on your account for any reason (i.e. shipping, additional item/s added via email, phone etc.) you are expected to pay this with in 5 business days of placing this order this will hold up your entire order from shipping on time. If you do not map the invoice balance you order will not ship out, this also holds up the items paid in the entire order. Unpaid balance left on order will not ship out. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to contact Forever Remembered Roses, LLC to make arrangements/payments with in the 5 day grace period.

  • Any additional order placed after payment placed that have been added to an order that have not been paid for will not be released. If not paid within 5 Business days the become the property of Forever Remembered Roses, LLC.
  • Forever Remembered Roses, LLC Is not responsible for the color of the rose, some roses turn darker as they go through the process. Some roses are light on the outside and darker on the inside, some roses have several colors in them. Some white roses have red edges, Some yellow roses have yellow on one side and red a touch of red as you go toward the center of the rose.
  • Forever Remembered Roses, LLC does not dye Flowers/ Roses, in order to change the rose color we need handwritten permission letter signed and dated along with your order and full payment. And this is an extra fee of $75.00 process exactly the color of the flowers you like your rosary to be. This cannot be changed if you decide you do not like the color. Due to this is now a special order.